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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Becoming an Administrator... What Does This Mean

You are probably reading this message because somebody has told you about this open source collaborative project and perhaps even asked if you wouldn't mind volunteering to be an Administrator. This posting will tell you more about this project and what is involved in becoming an Admin.

First it is important to understand "the big picture". Here's how the project is constructed...

Starting from the bottom, the photo guides are written by individual contributors... these can be photo enthusiasts or professional photographers. They create their guide using Google's "Knols".. a simple tool for authoring an authoritative piece of content.

Once they h ave written their guide, they contact their State/Regional Admin and submit their guide for review and inclusion in the State/Regional directory. You can see that the State/Regional directory rolls up to a Country directory which in turn rolls up to the global directory.

The State/Regional Admin really has 3 core responsibilities
  1. Promote this project amongst local photographers and get them starting to write guides
  2. Review the guides to ensure quality and help the authors if they have any difficulties
  3. Connect the guide in to the State/Regional director and announce the new guide via a blog posting.
Thats it. I have tried to design this project to distribute the load as much as possible. I don't anticipate that the role of State/Regional administrator will be overly labour intensive.

There is also the added benefit that as this project grows in popularity, you will start driving traffic through your directory portal and you might be able to even generate some pocket money through sponsorship and advertising.

If you would like to become a State / Regional Admin (or even a country admin if one doesn't exist), please contact your Country Admin (or the global admin).


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